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Since 2012 provides food brands user-generated content by a win-win process based on food challenges for money wired directly to the consumer of brands.

Join this food revolution that is more needed than ever in 2021.

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When consumers becomes actors of food brand success.

With more than 100 000 recipes gathered since 2012, Recipay is a real success in Europe. Recipay has since started in the US and Japan. The concept of Recipay has always been to connect food brands and consumers through food challenges providing content to brands and remunerating users for their home recipes. 


How it works ?

Step one

Receive your food challenge, each challenge is composed of a topic and a specific product you can buy online or in-store. Sometimes brands will even provide coupons. 

Step two

Then it's time to cook! Cook respecting the rules of the challenge, and have fun! 

When you are ready, it's time to take your phone and make the best photo you can.

Step three

Post your recipe on Recipay. Our team of food experts is going to review it, as soon it's validated, you'll receive by Paypal your cash reward!


What do customers love most about us ?  

Brands? They love new content, and more than anything else, they do love this picture in time of what consumers are doing with their products. Consumers? They love the fact that we respect their skills and their work for the brand, we want them to have fun and of course, to be rewarded for their effort. 


The new Recipay's season is starting soon.

Specialist of the food culture from Europe to Japan and the US, contact us to know more about a new and innovative way to work with your consumers and to create a meaningful and caring relationship.

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